Παρασκευή, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2010

Vibes Radio

Vibes radio is finally on air. Straight from the Netherlands, Greece and the UK, more than 15 radio producers broadcast the best music online, only for you. Opening on Staurday 30/01/2010 at 18:00 (GMT). Make sure that you join... http://www.vibes-radio.com/

Πέμπτη, 21 Ιανουαρίου 2010

Start to Latin American Dance

When i was still in Istanbul i had seen my friends taking Latin American dances such as Rumba, salsa, cha cha and i was so impressed the way how they were dancing, good or bad at least they were trying and having fun. So since months, i've been asking Joerg to start Latin American Dances together. He was quite postive but the thing was finding a place where we can learn it. Finally he found one in a college which has adult education centre as well. It would take 5 weeks- 1 hour everyweek. By the end of the 5 week we're supposed to learn the basic .
So last Wednesday we started with a crowded group and a young girl as teaching us the Latin American dances. The required thing was wearing flexible shoes but not flat ones such as trainer ( unless it's not a trainer nothing else can be flexible and comfortable for me :). Anyway, she wanted to start teaching the basic steps of ' Rumba' first. Ok we were both were so eager to learn it and we tried our best. At first the steps were easy but more she taught us more we got confused. We stepped on our feet, forgot the steps and did in a wrong or totally different way. But it was not only Joerg and i who had trouble. We were having so much fun with our mistakes like everyone does. But the interesting thing for me is, that girl was speaking so fast and as i am not an English language expert yet, i had difficulties to get what she meant. Ok i was watching her steps carefully but at some point i wanted to understand well what she's combining her foot steps with. i couldn't get most of the things what she had said. But i had already a feeling in me that Rumba is not for me. Or at least it's not the ideal dance to me. I better only watch it :)
Anyway, somehow we completed our first class and after the course we went to drink some beer in a pub to celebrate our success :) (what a success!!:)
Yesterday it was the second time in course. We quickly repeated what we had learnt last week and then some additional steps as well. As we didn't practise since last week we were quite stiffed and totally confused with the additional steps. When Joerg starts stepping wrong i stepped wrong too and then i was angry with him. Poor him, why i should expect him to dance as professional? But by the end we had a good laugh.
After the additional steps, she wanted to teach us the basics of 'Tango' ( which i like to watch it because it's the dance of passion). It was ok at first but then i gave up because i couldn't do it at all. We saw the elder couples who were over 50 years old and they were dancing so nice, it was unbelieveble. Probably they were used to dance it but we were not.
Another thing which would be better to learn is having a partner. I mean the girl who is teaching us doesn't have a partner and when she's showing us the steps first she starts with man's steps then ladie's. In my opinion if she could have a partner then it would be easier to see what she's doing.
By the end of 1 hour i arrived at home with swollen feet and thought that Latin American dance is not for me. Joerg is in the same opinion with me. Actually we wanted to learn Salsa which has more action in it. Rumba or Tango are slow and i am not very pleased to learn it. ( I say it maybe because i can't dance it well, eh?:) Anyway next week we're gonna start Salsa finally and we'll see if we can dance it at least. Maybe after the 5 week we can start something else which is more entertaining and rush.
Whatever it is. I strongly reccomend couples to do some activities such as dancing. You get rid off your stress and have so much fun together.

Have a nice day !!!

Τετάρτη, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2010


The woman who had 200 times sexual incounter with 12 years old boy, the woman who had sexual incounter with a dog, the transexual who had sex with a boy, mother of 3 had sexual incounter with a young guy, North Irland's First Minister's 60 years old wife had scandalous love with a 19 year old teenager, etc....
All these happen in foreign countries. In Turkey, always the opposite happens. You rarely hear that a woman is having sex with a boy. 3 men invade a 4 month-old baby girl with baby's mom which is worse than ever.

What i don't understand is how one can expect any kind of joy from a baby or child by having sexual incounter, sexual harassment or fantasy?
In Turkey imprisonment penalty is only 3 months maybe less? 3 months later those disgusting creatures (i even don't wanna refer them 'human') are set free to do more and more. But in abroad, those people have imprisonment for the rest of their life.

What is going on with this world and moral? Are we crazing?

If you ask me, most of those enormities start with watching adult porn. Then it's not enough for them and they start gripping with animation, cartoon or animal porns. But it's still not enough right? The next thing is child porn. When they can't get enough with pics or videos, they decide making their own pown by forcing little children to serve them.

I am so scared to bring a child into this shitty world. Because of the amount of those crazy and psycho people is getting more and more everyday my desire to have a baby is getting less and less.
I wanted to write this post when i read the news about a single mum of 1 child and had sexual incounter with a 12 years old boy 200 times since 10 months by giving him alcohol and seducing him. This happened in the city of Middlesbrough of England. And after hundredth incounter, she bought him a pair of shoes as a gift. How can be a child's honour and life that cheap?

This became appearent when 12 years old boy started telling his friends about their relation.
I don't wanna imagine how this boy's family is feeling now. Or what can make them to put out the fire burning in their hearts.

Τρίτη, 19 Ιανουαρίου 2010

Funniest job application ever

This is an actual application for a job which was made to advisory office of Mc Donalds in France.

1-Name, Surname : Herve Jancqueur
2-Age : 28
3-Desired Position : If possible horizontal position. But seriously what evet it is. If i had the chance to be picky then i wouldn't be here applying now.
4-Desired Salary : 800.000 Franc year salary + %3 of company stock. If this is not possible then make me an offer and i will let you know yes or no.
5-Education : Yes.
6-Last Position Held : To be the target of sadist chief and serve as a guinea pig.
7-Amount of your previous salary : Less than i am worth.
8-Most notable achivements : A great collection of the stolen pens.
9-The reason for leaving : Go back to question 6 please.
10-Available work : Of course, anytime.
11-Preffered hours : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 1 and 3 pm.
12-Do you have any outstanding features : Yes, some people say so but can we talk about it in a more romantic place than a fast food ?
13-Do you have any physical conditions that would prohibit from lifting up more than 20 kg? : Depends on what i carry.
14-Do you have a car? : Yes but the question is wrong. You should ask ' do you have any car that runs. Then my answer would be different.
15- Have you ever got any medal or won a competiton ?: I don't have any medal but i won small amounts in the loterry for a few times.
16-Do you smoke? : If i can get any cigarettes from somebody.
17- What would you like to be doing in 5 years : Living in the Bahamas with a wealthy sexy blonde top model who adores me and thinks that i am the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you know any other way of how to do then i can do it without waiting for 5 years.
18- What did make you apply for this job : For this question i have 2 answers not related with each other. First one is humanism and desire to make a contribution to consumers eat well. Second reason is I am deeply involved in debt.

Result... He got the job :)

Sometimes being honest works!

Δευτέρα, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2010

Questions without answer :)

- Why the phone number ,which is dialled wrong , is never busy ?

- Why do people believe when it's said that there're 400.000 stars in the sky and but don't believe when they see a place on which written ' just painted' and still try to touch it?

- Why there isn't any cat food with mouse flavour?

- Why the gas stations which say ' 24 hours open' , are not open?

- Why you always try to open the door lock when one of your hand is full with stuff and the key is always in the stuff hand side pocket?

- If swimming makes one lose weight then what's wrong with whales?

- Can vegeterians eat cracker in animal shape?

- Does egg come from chicken or chicken comes from egg?

- Why do people bend their head when they are in a raining area? Is it a kind of respect to rain or because they're scared?
I am just bored with sitting at home and try to find something to post. Then started finding some silly questions without answer.
Enjoy it!