Πέμπτη, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2009


It was my style to sit on the desk and listen the proffesor. It's the most comfortable style on this earth! :P

Instead of studying exams, we were brave enough to go to parties. ( The next day i was going to have an exam and i passed it :)

After the class, we went shopping with Aynur. ( Right-A classmate from Uni.)

Diğdem (left) and i were moving to our new flat and we were very tired.

A birthday celebration of the girl next to me with red hair.-In Sakarya.
This is a photo from last year. (On the left is me and on the right is my flat mate Diğdem) We were turning back to Istanbul for weekend.

This morning i came to work in a tired and sleepless mood as usual and couldn't find much thing to do urgent and mentioned my undergraduate days for 5 minutes. I think i'm missing my days while i was a university student. No responsibility, no obligation to wake up early for class (actually there were, but it depended on your mood and nothing happened if you missed 3 class; at least you were not fired :)) When you were sick, you could take doctor report not for just 1 day but 3 days at least and proffesors never grumbled.

It was easier to spend your pocket money because it was not you who earns it. You could lie your parents and beg for some more money :) And they feel pity for you and send the money. I was studying in Sakarya University and it was 2 hours far from Istanbul-my hometown- and that's why first years i was staying in student dormitory but some time later i started to having arguments with manage of dormitory and decided to rent a flat with 3 girls in my room.

Then we started to learn what responsibility mean! :P

Bills, kitchen expenses, flat rental and getting along well together... You know sometimes you even can't stand your family member, right? But when you come together 4 different people who don't have any blood relationship with each other, it's different. You shout, you slam the door, you threat...But you see them more often than you see your family and these friends become your family anymore.

Fights, jealousy,misunderstandings...Whatever! I wish i could be a student again.

Working life is too cruel. Noone helps or respects each other. But i remember my undergraduate days full with help while cheating in exams, shoulders when you cry because you break up with your bf ,when you're broke an offer comes from your friends for some money or when you make up and get dressed for a date, friends around you and tell their opinion to feel yourself beautiful and good!
I miss each corner of ex-flat in Sakarya, I miss each stone of its streets, my friends, breakfasts...

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Max είπε...

Hey Burcu,

LOL LOL you are amazing: you had quarrels with the dorms' manager? LOL LOL My kind of girl *high five*!

I like the photos! You had lots of fun! :D And you have beautiful hair!
And you were lucky that you could sit in class like that...we can't here, in Portugal.

Oooh, you are really nostalgic *hug*! You have been hammered at work, eh? Co-workers can be mean when they think that you are more competent than them or that you have more chances of being promoted *nodding*...

Darling, life will get better...trust me :D!

Big hug and cheers

Amel's Realm είπε...

Ahhhhh...LOVE the pics and I understand some of what you're saying. The thing is...I'd always lived with my parents until I moved to Finland. After I started working, I paid for some bills and bought my own stuff, but my Mom still cooked for me and all that he he he...

So the full-blown life is only experienced after I moved to Finland, I guess.

Sorry to hear about nasty coworkers. :-((((

angelos είπε...

a gree song says: i can t change student life with anything..

Burcu είπε...

@Max: Yesss i was not very good with dorm's manager. (i am not an easy girl:))
Yes i was blond once upon time but now there's a little change as you had seen in my previous posts. But it's just a physical change...BURCU is still same:P

Yes there're some girls i can't get along very well and one is intolerable indeed!

Will life get better, really? Yes i should believe so because i'm just 23 and there are many things i have to face and cope with right?:)

Kisses to my Max!

Burcu είπε...

@Amel: Oh Amel i wish i could stay with my family during my university years. But maybe staying away added me something such as "the worth of my family, earning money is not easy and patience to people" ha?

About my co-workers...Well i think the lawyers are the hardest people to understand :)(As i'm working in a law office)


Burcu είπε...

@ Angelos : Who does sing this song ?:) I'm gonna kiss him/her !:)
I hope i can find the same atmosphere when i'm making my master:)

Max είπε...

Hey Burcu,

"(i am not an easy girl:))"

LOL who is?

"Yes i was blond once upon time but now there's a little change as you had seen in my previous posts. But it's just a physical change...BURCU is still same:P"


"Yes there're some girls i can't get along very well and one is intolerable indeed!"

Ah, we all have those, believe me...*nodding*. The trick is to ignore them (and her in particular)...

"Will life get better, really? Yes i should believe so because i'm just 23 and there are many things i have to face and cope with right?:)"

Yes, really. You are absolutely right there! When you reach my age (31) you'll see life through different eyes...but until then, have FUN!! Loads of it :D! Dance, dance, dance.... ;)!

"Kisses to my Max!"

Awww, so sweet...kisses to you, darling!


Amel's Realm είπε...

Ohohhhh you're working in a law office? Yeah, they may be just hard to understand.

Well, if I could have afforded it, it would have been nice to live alone before moving to Finland, but I couldn't he he he he...

But you're right...earning money and paying for everything yourself and deciding your future is not easy. AT ALL he he...

Internation Musing είπε...

Burcu, where is the beer and wine at the party?..))

Internation Musing είπε...
Αυτό το σχόλιο αφαιρέθηκε από τον συντάκτη.
Vince S είπε...

I love your pictures they show more of you than your initial picture does. Where do you work? If you don't like what's going on now compared to when you were at the university, does that mean that you don't like your job?
That can be tough when you don't like your job. I had a job that was so bad that it reminded me of going to the DR.'s office to get a painful injection.

Jernest** είπε...

It was so nice to see some pics of your life, or past life...

I think I know u more now jejeje


Burcu είπε...

@ Hans : There were but i cut the other part of the photo because there was someone i didn't remember and that's why other drinks can't be seen:)

Burcu είπε...

@ Hi Vince! It's nice to see you again!
I've been working in a law office as a German & Turkish translator and an assistant since 1th of September 2008 but 1 of the 3 Partners that i've been assisting is quite strict and i can't imagine any other person more than him.
Anyway, ihave to used to him i think...:)

Burcu είπε...

@ Jernest: Welcome! Thanks for your nice comment. I'm gonna post more soon!

TOPolk είπε...

Agreed. The real world -- sucks. But at the same time, I don't miss all of college. The studying, the classes, the being broke...can't say I ever want to do those again.

Burcu είπε...

@Topolk: Well actually i don't miss the exams and bad scores in my past! But my relation with my friends and professors was excellent and this is what i miss most.We could laugh at each other even in the moments we were broke:)

Thanks a lot for your visit! See you later!

Ps: You're still best for me in South Carolina:)!