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Can you see how serious i am when listening to her :) (it was 2 years ago)

Hi guys!
I dunno if it's common in your countries but fortune telling (especially with Turkish coffee one) is a popular thing in Turkey. And in Istanbul you can find more than 5 fortunetellers in each cafe wherever you go.

I met with fortunetelling 5 years ago. When my mother and her friends come together at home , they were brewing Turkish coffee, putting small coffee cups and when they finish drinking it they leave just a little coffee grounds at the bottom of cup and reverse the cup to the saucer and wait it to cool down. 20 minutes later , they pick up the cup from the saucer and tell something assimilating the figures:) Such as " you're in a great suffer but everything will be ok, you'll have some guessts from a far away place, there's someone who misses you a lot, bla bla bla...":) Just nonsense and for fun. There's nothing convincing for them.

But in cafes, there are proffesional people who are really expert and make you say "aaaa, i can't believe it, how did you know this". I was a frequent visitor of those fortunetellers. I wasn't believing what they said but it made me feel happy when he or she said "you're gonna get big money or your bf will make you a surprise or you're gonna find a new love"...:)

And day by day, when we come together with my friends, even i don't have any idea how to tell fortune, my friends insisted on me to tell something even they're nonsense... I accepted and started to assimilate the images and things i see in coffe cup. But if you ask me it's something about your 6th sense. It's very strong in me. It's maybe because i'm a cancer as an astrological sign. And their 6th senses are always strong because they always act with their emotions not with their minds. If i feel something deep in my heart, it aches and i understand that something gonna happen and it happens... Many times they're bad things.

I wanna tell you about some experiences of me. Believe or not but i saw that "Tsunami catastrophe" in my dream that year. And in the morning when i woke up i saw in the news that happened. I couldn't believe myself. When i saw the views in tv they were very alike to my dream.
Another experience of me is about my trip to Lebanon,Beirut. I was planning to go to Beirut to visit my friend nearly 3 years ago , everything was ready and there were just 2 days left to go(it was summer,July). And i saw in my dream that there were soldiers all around Lebanon and bombs falling. When i woke up next day my Lebanese friend called me and said "Burcu you'll not be able to come because we're having war with Israel"... Whatttt? How could it be? Thanks God i wasn't there when the attacks started. If so, i couldn't be able to turn back to Istanbul because Lebanon Airport was damaged and all flights were canceled.

And another one. This is the worst i think...One of our neighbours visited us once and i brewed coffee for her and she wanted me to tell something and reverse the cup. I said ok because we were just having fun. Anyway i started telling. Among images, i saw a human figure laying along the bed but i didn't feel very good when i was telling it. I said "i think you're gonna have some problems with your leg and it will tire you a lot"... Guess what happened:) Next day she had an argument with her son, he left home and when she was running after him she fell down and broke her leg. :) She was calling me in hospital "Burcu there's something different with you"...

Come onnnn... I don't have anything special... As i told before it's something about my feelings.

These are just a small part of my experiences. I have many...But sometimes that fears me guys. It's very bad to see something before and you can't help not happening.
I wonder is there anyone who has similar experiences as mine?


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Jo είπε...

I have had many experiences like that. I think all of us have a "sixth sense" that we are tuned into, only some of us ignore it because we become more involved with the practical day to day things than the intuitive things.

I once dreamt I was on a plane that was crashing. I could see the faces of all the people on the plane, and the carpet down the middle aisle was red. I woke up the next morning, and a plane had crashed in Toronto.

Oh, yes, I believe you definitely have a sixth sense.

Burcu είπε...

Hi Jo!

How nice to see you here. Welcome!

Yes you're right,in fact all of us have 6th sense but i think some of us use it in stronger solid.
And as far as i hear from other people, most dreams about plane crashes happens in real next day. Isn't it something strange? I mean more than others, especially plane crashes or something related to planes as a dream come true.

Thanks for your nice comment!


Max είπε...

Hey Burcu,

I love everything that is related with this kind of thing. I am a mystic so coffee, tea, mirror, water, palm, eyes, candles, head readings interests me a lot (even though I don't do neither of these)!

Yes, we have fortune tellers here too...half of them are fakes unfortunately *nodding*. How about there, are they good?

Well, the 6th sense has nothing to do with one's emotions; it has to do with one's intuition. Some have it developed, others don't. Perhaps yours is more developed than most; and who knows...maybe you should work it ;)!

Don't be afraid, you have a gift (and part of having that gift is seeing both good and bad things). I have read that there are people whose gift is to see bad things mainly...it's not, it's just part of their mission on earth. It's a gift.
You should just work it, like I said before :)!

There are many people with experiences like yours, trust me. Half my family is a witch.


Burcu είπε...

Hi Max!

I didn't know that you have these kind of interests. If you like i can tell more about them in my forthcoming posts :) And something inside me says you are also interested in déjà vu eh? This is what i experience almost everymonth.
But i couldn't understand your interest about mystism with mirrors and candles. Tell me more about them pls!:)

About fortunetellers; have you ever been fortunetold? And how was it i really wonder Max. You know we girls are very eager to hear what we need to, right?:)
In Istanbul i was going very often till last year but i can rarely go if i find time.Do you know, some fortunetellers claim that they have jins and that scares me a lot. Can you imagine you're alone with fortuneteller and his/her jins around you!
Once i experienced something. One of my friend offered me a fortuneteller and i visited her. It was a normal cafe,groups sitting drinking and having fun. It was my turn to be fortunetold. I took my coffee cup and sit in front of her and listened. First she asked my name and age and then started to write something on a piece of paper. She stopped and started to listen something bowing her head to her left shoulder. I was observing her and then she started like that : "Well...It says one of your family member who has "H-M-T" letters in his name gonna suffer from his back such as hernial disk . I thought for a moment then i found ! She was talking about my grandad and his name's Ahmet. But suddenly i asked her " It?" Who's it?" She just stared at me and kept telling bal bla bla..But i couldn't stand sitting there more and left the cafe.:)

Guess what happened! 2 Weeks later grandad went to doctor and doctor said my granddad a kind of hernial disk occured in his back.

Goddd what was that???

And yes, i think i couldn't find that word "intuition" that's why i used 6th sense. "Intuition" is what i exactly mean! I dunno if it's a gift for me or not but i'm rarely wrong with my feelings.

Oh my God. Did i read wrong this "Half my family is a witch." But how?

I wanna learn more Max! You've just intrigued me...:)


Max είπε...

Hi Burcu!

That's because when we met, I had stopped writing about mysticism (in 2007, I wrote a bit about it, to let people know my spiritual status).
It would be delightful to read more about your experiences :)!
Oh, yeah...dejá vu is a concept in which I believe immensely. It is related with Karma and reincarnation.

There is a practice called scrying (i.e. seeing - either what is occurring in the present or in the future - on a mirror); and there is another one where you read the future in the flame of a candle (but very few people have this gift).

I have been fortunetold once, by a friend. At the time I was an initiate (in mysticism) so what she told me looked so amazing and magical lol...but I can tell you that what she told me happened 6 years later.
LOL any person dealing with these things have their jins around, it's natural.

LOL she was too intense, eh? And she was good too! You see when she said "it says" she was probably speaking of her spiritual guide (we all have one, but we need to cultivate a relationship with ours, so that it can talk to us).

LOL no, you didn't read wrongly...I am half African, and Africans are known for being animists (they deal with the forces of nature and the spirits - the Celts would call them Witches). And half my family is animist.

angelos είπε...

Did she really find about our love? :o)

Burcu είπε...

:) Not yet. You know the love between you and i is something eternal.I love you!:P

agiannis είπε...

i have been informed by some friends of mine about the existance of a professional fortune teller and i reacted with disbelief untill they told me that she told them things that she couldnt have known such as future(in 2 months) death of relatives(with their names).that came true...but until i have a personal experience i still look at all these matters with scepticism...

Burcu είπε...

@Agiannis: Yes sometimes professional fortunetellers really scare people by telling about death. For example, years ago one fortuneteller told me that someone in my home will die but he also told that it's a kind of animal. And that week my lovebird which i was feeding at home died.
When the fortuneteller starts telling about something bad about my family i warn him/her not tell about it. I don't like this kind of bad surprises.

Vince S είπε...

my ex wife is a big believer in dreams that can predict the future and likes fortune telling. We don't use coffee but we do use tarot cards. She has her own tarot card deck.

Burcu είπε...

@Vince: Oh so your ex wife is like addicted to the fortunetelling because i don't have any tarot deck and i don't prefer it much because when a fortuneteller uses his/her tarot cards, he/she says very complicated things (definetely not in my language) and i can't understand.:)

Thanks for your visit Vince, take care!

Ανώνυμος είπε...

А вы гадаете на Рождество? вот как надо - рождественские гадания